Copper sheet is available from 0.5mm to 6mm thickness. Copper is a medium-strength, non-magnetic material that can be easily moulded, folded and shaped. It can be welded and soldered and lends itself well to patina’s and other surface finishes. When used in exterior and outdoor areas, copper will naturally form a green Verdigris oxidised finish.

Copper has excellent heat and electrical conductivity suitable for a wide range of applications.

Metals South West have a large range of high copper alloys available in sheet, bar, hex, tube, flat, extrusions, and formed sections. We also produce shaped sheet work in forms of Copper flashings, Copper cladding, and Copper Façade.

Copper, along with aged and patina copper also work well for Kitchen and table tops, bar tops and kitchen splash backs, where its natural or patina appearance gives a stand out finish, and its antimicrobial characteristics are well suited to kitchen use.

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