We stock and obtain the full range of Brass in all forms including Sheet, Coil, Plate, Flat Bar, Hollow Bar, Tube, Hexagon - for Machining and Decorative purposes.


 Brass, like its Copper Non-Ferrous counterpart, is gaining popularity in the Garden and Interior Design markets with its unique warm yellow tone it adds a touch of class to the simplest of designs.


We specialise in many Custom Brass works and work closely with many high-end shop fitters to achieve the exacting finishes they require.


With our in-house patina we are able to create a variety of different effects and finished to Brass.



Brass Grades:

CZ101 - Commonly used for Gilding

CZ106 - Cartridge Brass

CZ108 - Basis Grade

CZ112 - Naval Grade

CZ114 - High Tensile Brass

CZ115 - High Tensile

CZ120 - Engraving Brass

CZ121 - Most commonly used grade

CZ122 - Stamping grade

CZ129 - Bending Grade

CZ131 - Rivets and Machine Turning

CZ132 - Dezincification Resistant