Handrailing systems are available in a variety of metals depending on the use, structural requirement, and architectural element required.

All our handrails are cut with accuracy on an automatic saw to ensure a perfect cut to the sizes you require.


Stainless Steel Handrailing

This is the most commonly used with a vast array of applications including Marine and Construction due to its ease of maintenance and smart, fresh look long after installation with little maintenance required.


External, Marine and sea-air handrailing is recommended to be 316 grade to prevent salt and weather corrosion while internal and some protected external fittings can use 304 grade.


Our Stainless Steel Handrailing is available in Mirror finish and Brushed finish with fittings to match the finish.

These can be fitted with Stainless Steel spindles, wire and posts or with glass inserts on a stainless steel fixing rail along with LED Lighting available on some designs.


Aluminium Handrailing

Aluminium Handrailing is suitable for a variety of applications both internal and external for stairs and landing areas.  Its advantage is being lightweight to install yet being incredibly strong and resistant.  Aluminium handrailing can also be Powder-coated to any RAL making it versatile and adaptable to any project.


Brass Handrailing

Brass handrailing is often used in architectural settings for its Antique finish giving a feel of class and age

We can also offer a distressed finish for a predictable aged finish immediately.


Copper Handrailing

Copper is less frequently used for handrailing being a softer metal than other metals but can give an equally striking finish when polished or finished in any of our in-house Patina's for a truly unique handrail.


Steel Handrailing

Steel handrailing is strong and universal and ideal for use on construction sites, busy traffic areas and architecturally for a warehouse style finish when galvanised.


We can also offer specialist finishes with our in-house custom Patina's which are unique to us.  Perfect for those looking for something no one else has!


Stainless Steel Handrailing
Painted Mild Steel Handrailing
Stainless Steel Handrail