Stainless Steel

We stock and obtain the full range of Stainless Steel in all forms including sheet, coil, plate, bar and sections as well as a full range of tube, pipe, fittings and flanges and hand railing systems.


With more and more metals being used within the home and office we are seeing an increase in demand for our custom wrapped Stainless Steel Kitchen Worktops and Splashbacks.


Stainless Steel, also known as Inox, is unique from other metals with its minimum 10.5% chromium content.

Unlike its Mild Steel counterpart, Stainless Steel does not easily rust, corrode or stain with contact to water however certain lower grades of Stainless Steel will with time corrode especially when near or in salt water.  It is therefore important you have the correct grade of Stainless Steel for the conditions and environment you are placing it.



There are many different grades of Stainless Steel, but the most commonly used are:

 - 304 grade - 316 grade - 430 grade -


Stainless Steel Products




Seemless Tube

Box Section 

Round Bar

Flat Bar


Threaded Bar

Handrailing System

Stainless Steel Handrailing Systems
Stainless Steel for Manufacturing and Production
Stainless Steel Custom Trolly for Food Production